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5 user-friendly apps to keep you productive

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With about 1.3m apps available to Android users and approximately 1.2m apps available to Apple users, it can be hard to find an app that is user-friendly and effective. There are thousands of apps designed to help you be more productive whilst saving you time and resources.

We’ve rounded up our staff’s top 5 productivity apps to share:

       1. Evernote

It’s easy to see why Evernote is one of the most popular digital notebooks in the app market. Create notebooks, manage collaborative projects, take notes, create lists, manage expenses and more with Evernote.

Why our staff love it: Evernote’s tagging function makes it easy to search for files and keep everything organised.  

        2. Pocket

Save articles, videos and content easily with Pocket. A great app to keep track of articles and content that you want to take a look at later.

Why our staff love it: Offline reading and the sleek design makes Pocket a winner.

       3. TurboScan

Turn your phone into a scanner with TurboScan! An all round favourite, TurboScan helps us keep track of documents and ensures that everything is easily accessible.  It saves us time from rummaging through our drawers looking for miscellaneous pieces of paper!

Why our staff love it: Great to store business cards, invoices and has a great editing function.

      4. Mailbox

Mailbox is a great tool that helps users sort through their email quickly.
Archive or trash with a swipe. Mailbox takes the hassle out of going sorting your inbox.

Why our staff love it:  The ‘snooze’ email function is pretty popular. We love that it lets us focus on what we need to do now and reminds us to respond to other emails later. 

     5. is the office’s favourite task management app as its interface is clean and lets us synch our lists, attach files to tasks and collaborate on tasks easily with other people.

Why our staff love it:  Seamless cloud sync and the function that lets us set recurring tasks make our preferred task management app.    


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