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ERP Returns 7 times For Every Dollar Spent

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The Ecaret ERP System  integrates information seamlessly throughout the rest of the company.  When the first ERP systems were designed over 25 years ago companies both large and small, used function-driven software for each area of their business.  For example, the accounting, purchasing, inventory, and sales departments each used a different software package which frequently didn’t talk or integrate with any of the other systems. It has now become possible with ERP.  Did You know?  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications continue to deliver high return on investment (ROI), with an average benefit of $7.23 returned for every dollar spent, according to the Research analysis. In fact, the returns are up more than a third from average returns five years ago. The study analyzed the actual costs and benefits of published case studies on individual companies’ ERP deployments.
A combination of efficient cloud ERP Options along with a strong vendor focus on improving functionality while enhancing usability has driven higher returns. Additionally, savvy ERP customers are demanding more and seeking to maximize their investments. “Companies today are more sophisticated, demanding, and vocal in seeking the right deployment options than ever before. Although ERP investments have a longer staying power than most enterprise applications, older offerings developed around Y2K concerns are reaching end of life. The sharp increase in ROI for new ERP solutions – up 36% – is helping to drive a new wave of investment interest as existing applications continue to age.

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  1. ERP Solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX indeed help make the most out of the money invested in acquiring an ERP and implementing it. These multi-feature solutions are devised to address day-to-day business concerns and are available with all the necessary functionalities a business would need to speed up operations, work faster and more effectively and give it their best as far as achieving business objectives are concerned.