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Resolving Conflict in the office

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No healthy work environment is immune to conflict in the office. It is important to embrace conflict as a way for organisations to grow and professional relationships to strengthen. 
It is important that your team is well equipped to deal with conflict to preserve professionalism and encourage learning opportunities.

Here are 3 things to take into consideration to create a ‘conflict-friendly’ zone:

1.     Communication: Lack of communication often causes conflict in the workplace. It breeds uncertainty and delays; it inhibits productive teamwork and creates a negative atmosphere. Open communication between everyone is vital.

2.     Structured response:  Ensure that your organisation has a well-structured conflict resolution process to ensure that everyone is familiar with the process they must go through to resolve conflicts. Redress conflicts sooner rather than later. Prevent a small grievance evolving into a grudge by tackling it as soon as possible.

3.     Accountability: Encourage everyone to take responsibility for his or her behaviour and reward accountability. Often people are afraid of the repercussions to their actions and avoid taking responsibility.


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