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Decide whether you need a CRM for your business?

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As you know CRM – Customer Relationship Management System is an efficient software built for your sales team.Don’t get me wrong, what I meant is the software is mainly meant for the sales team. CRM definitely brings transparency to the information and makes it easier for all departments to collaborate through one single platform.

If you ask me why do you need a CRM? Best answer would be


So here is the big Question. How do you know if you need a CRM system?  

Most  small or large  Businesses manage their contacts, track your sales pipeline and deliver customer service someway or the other without understanding what value your customer database holds. As one of our clients has previously told us " Customer Database is the most important business asset. Hold on to it" . Over the years of helping our clients implement CRM systems, what we have seen is that most businesses use excel sheets to do it. What happens with this is there is a lot of duplicate data being managed by multiple people over different departments and there is no information transparency. This costs the business lot of man hours wasted on double entries and running being others to get the required customer information. Is it not hurting the business bad?

 So what should really be asked is not why do I need a CRM but What functionality do I need from a CRM system and how complex does it need to be?’

Before making the decision to invest in any form of CRM solution, you should firstly consider your existing systems and processes, and how well these meet your business needs. Once you have clarity on the scale of the problem, you can decide if investing in a new system is right for your business.

1. Are  all your Customer records and contact history held in one central place that is easy accessible and visible to all members of your organisation?

2. Assume one of your colleagues left the business, would you have all their customer contact details and do you know the opportunities that they were working on?

3. Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had, and why?

4. Are you certain that all the leads in the sales pipeline are being followed up?

5. Can you access all your customer information when out of the office?

6. Do you know which of your marketing campaigns are the most effective at generating high quality leads?

7. Are your team staying on top of follow up communication with potential clients?

8. Are you able to generate reports on the health of your business, at any point in time?

Did you answer “ No “ to at-least one of the questions above. Wait no further, 

Contact us today on 1300 559 419 or to speak to one of our CRM Specialists.

   Talk to us to see how you can get your own CRM System customised for your business. 

 Say no to spreadsheets and your obsolete systems. 

Work Smarter , Work Faster.