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6 Questions you should ask before starting brand development

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If you are gearing up to brand your product, service or organisation, we have prepared 6 essential questions that you should consider before embarking on brand development.

·      1. What am I going to brand?

Identify the product, individual, service, or organisation you are going to brand.

·      2. What should I research?

Research everything in your market. Research everything relevant about your target market, research your competitors, research industry trends…research, research, research.

·      3. How is the product or service going to be positioned in the market?

Consider how the product or service will be positioned in the market. What needs are will it redress? What value to does it bring to the marketplace?

·      4. What does it offer? What does it do better? Why is it different?

Consider what the product or service you are branding offers. How does it do it better than its competitors? What makes it different? When people buy or support your product or service, what are the supporting and buying?

·      5. What should my name, logo and tagline convey?

What will your brand’s visual aesthetic say about it? How will your brand’s name relate to your brand? Does your tagline relay your brand’s value proposition? Is your logo a symbol that is relatable to your brand? 

·      6. How will it be launched?

How will you launch your brand? When you unveil your new logo or launch your new product, ensure that you keep your brand at the centre of your launch. Is championing technology and innovation central to your brand’s ethos? Ensure that your unveiling and launch incorporates technology and celebrating innovation. Is your brand championing a healthy lifestyle? Consider a fun run or a free healthy breakfast launch. Ensure that all your brand’s promotional activities are actively communicating your brand’s value and philosophy.


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